Beauty. Dignity. Independence. Comfort. Ease. Rest. Freedom. Love.

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Demand Design is a movement and community that is built around shared ideals. Your home should be your haven: surrounded by beauty, reflecting your loves and lifestyle while making your life easier. As you are not defined by your challenges, your home need not create another barrier to a fulfilled life or the lives of your loved ones. Everyone can be easily welcomed and safe in your home regardless of age, ability or interests. Great design works for you, enabling you to save your energy for what matters most --your family, your friends, your work, what brings you joy. You need never sacrifice great design. And, you can honor a sustainable environment and integrate sensory design while creating surroundings that adapt to changes in your family.

You deserve to live a life of dignity and independence always. You can. You are your greatest advocate. Regardless of what life brings you, the Design Demand books, resources, experts and supportive communities will inspire and empower you to live the life of love and laughter you were meant to live.

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